What does your art bring to you?

Art empowers me to explore my inner self and to express my emotions in ways that words cannot do.

My feelings come through the strokes on my canvas and sometimes even shocks me as subconsciously, my most personal thoughts take a life of their own and stare back at me in the lines that take shape and in the colours I use. That process has also tremendously helped me to overcome my anxiety during a post-traumatic operative period of my life.

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

The Birth of Venus by Renaissance Italian Master, Sandro Botticelli

This masterpiece embodies what to me represents a second chance in life, a rebirth. This artwork speaks to me a lot, as I have been given a second chance too. And in a few areas of my personal life.

What are your inspirations?

My aspiration is to be remembered as an artist that comes to people’s minds when they think of colourful artworks that nourishes the body and the soul, that have a positive impact on their quality of life, daringly bright colours that are able to immediately change somebody’s sadness into joy.

Having my art hanging on people’s walls, be it in a small bedroom or on a villa’s main feature wall, would be very rewarding to me as in a way, I see this as me adding a pinch of happiness in every house, in every being who is touched by just looking at my painting and connects with the message within. (So hit me up Interior Designers and Real Estate Agents – I can dress up these bare walls and change the whole atmosphere just with my magic strokes!)

What are your dreams?

I dream of a world where there’s no negativity, only positivity; where love and care prevail, not money, not social status and not fake people. To live in a world which I could travel around in an overland vehicle, living my best life exploring and discovering new and amazing experiences.

A world where everyone would be at peace. Today’s world is in total chaos sadly. That is why, I sincerely hope that my humble contributions in terms of my artworks can truly comfort someone who may need a bit of love, a bit of warmth, a bit of magic in their life.

Let’s dream together and make it a reality!

What is your favourite quote?

‘’Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh