Laurie Castel

What does your art bring to you?

To create is synonymous with escape; it is a way to stop time.

Turning my eyes from the smallest details to the vastest expanses, I study the territory in which I move and learn about the world around me. I then immerse myself in my thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and I shape a universe as I want to see it or express it.

And, beyond the creative process, art also brings many encounters: the discussions that shape our gaze, the moments of sharing and connections that emerge from them and which become keys to understanding our intimate and shared spaces.

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

Faced with work, I like to be surprised by the intensity of the encounter and the power of the experience. So, I would like to see a work that fascinates me as much as it moves me, the one that makes me want to run around my studio to create, the one that I don’t even imagine exist.

What are your inspirations?

Come to think of it; I think anything is likely to inspire me …

I always have a sketchbook with me. It allows me to capture what inspires me on the way:

the shape of a leaf, the curves of a mountain, a text by Malcolm de Chazal, the rhythm of electric wires, a mask by Romuald Hazoumé, the color of the water, a woman sitting at a bus shelter, an illustration by Malika Favre, the cacophony of a construction site, the cutting of a sole, a choreography by Yoann Bourgeois, the flight of a bird, the shadow of a flamboyant, a sculpture of Urs Fischer, a goblet abandoned on the beach… These moments in the life of the sketchbook are transformed into pictorial compositions in my studio.

What are your dreams?

The best dream is to keep believing that nothing is impossible!

What is your favourite quote?

” Everything is possible! “

Anything is possible when it comes to creating, imagining, dreaming. And, to say that anything is possible is to open up your space of freedom.